SoLuna Copper Bathtubs

When you want to create a luxurious bath environment, there is no better way than with a hand-hammered Soluna copper bathtub. Handcrafted by our own talented coppersmiths in the heaviest gauge, lead-free copper, you will bathe like Royalty!    Our copper tubs can be customized to suit your space and design - call us today!
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SoLuna Copper Bathtub | Double-Wall Oval

Oval Double Wall Copper Bathtub made by SoLuna.

SoLuna Copper Bathtub | Merida Double-Wall Boat Style

Merida Double-Wall Copper Boat Bathtub by SoLuna

SoLuna Copper Bathtub | Novilla Cloven Clawfoot

Novilla Cloven Clawfoot Copper Bathtub by SoLuna

SoLuna Copper Bathtub | Double Slipper

Double Slipper Copper Bathtub by SoLuna

SoLuna Copper Bathtub | Realeza Slipper

Realeza Squared Double Slipper Copper Bathtub by SoLuna

SoLuna Copper Bathtub | Slipper w/ Nickel Scroll

Slipper wtih Nickel Scroll Hammered Copper Bathtub by SoLuna

SoLuna Copper Bathtub | Double-Wall Modern

Modern Double Wall Copper Bathtub by SoLuna

SoLuna Copper Bathtub | Rings

Copper Bathtub with Rings made by SoLuna

SoLuna Copper Bathtub | Nicole Clawfoot

Nicole Clawfoot Copper Bathtub by SoLuna

SoLuna Copper Japanese Soaking Tub | Diamond

Diamond Double Wall Copper Bathtub by SoLuna
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Soluna Hammered Copper Bathtubs – The Pinnacle of Luxury

From the simplicity and elegance of our Japanese style soaking tubs to the more rustic Copper Slipper Bathtub, our Soluna copper tubs will be the “Wow!” in your bath project. Copper tubs are timeless and will add elegance and charm to your bathroom space unlike any tub available today. Whether your bath design is contemporary, rustic or more modern, a copper tub will not only provide the best bathing experience you have ever had, but will also add significant value to your home.


Copper Tub Innovation & Custom Design

Our hammered copper bathtubs are available in several different sizes, styles and patina finishes.   Copper Sinks Online makes their tubs and sinks directly under the Soluna brand and has been doing so for close to 20 years. We offer several unique bathtubs like our double wall tubs that have the advantage of being able to insulate between the two copper walls providing a “thermos-like” effect keeping your hot water hot for a long, luxurious bath. We can also work with your custom dimensions or add artwork to the tub so that you get exactly what you want. We use our own studio that employs amazing copper artisans that have been making copper sinks and tubs for generations.

Not All Copper Tubs Are Alike

All of our copper bath tubs are crafted with the heaviest hand-hammered 14-gauge copper.  There are tub manufactures that use a thinner, more lightweight copper – this will become noticeable over time. Our heavier gauge tubs will provide a lifetime of use. They are hammered by hand and built to last a lifetime!


Easy to Maintain

Both copper sinks and tubs are very simple to maintain – just non-abrasive soap and water to keep them clean! Avoid harsh or acidic cleaning chemicals as they are completely unnecessary. In addition, the inherent antimicrobial properties to copper kills most bacteria instantly which is an important consideration when considering bath fixtures. You can read more about how to care and maintain your copper sink and tubs in our maintenance guide.


Copper Sinks Online is part of, a company that specializes in unique sinks, lighting, furniture and home décor.  If you are looking for other unique, custom or handcrafted tubs other than copper, please visit Sinks Gallery. For beautiful lighting, please visit Artisan Crafted Lighting and Artisan Crafted Home for other products such as home décor and accessories that will help you create a unique and special home.